Little Pleasures

I really enjoyed writing my post Chitter Chatter Random Thoughts last week. Cruising on gratitude is always giving me a good vibe. Focusing on little pleasures I experienced last week…

I spent Thursday’s lunch break at this little italian cafe. It happens to be down the road from where I work. I have wanted to check it out for ages. I only had a latte, but spending my break here, gave me time to write my blog, enjoy the delicisious smell of wonderful italian food and just be away from work for an hour.

Wednesday night it was snowing. I was on my way to yoga. My boots were making crackling noises on the fresh snow. The street lights reflected off the white surface. It was sparkling. The dancing little lights made me smile.

That same night I drifted off to sleep in savasana, gently like being on some fluffy pillow. It was so relaxing (until I had to get up a few minutes later, because class was over and I stomped back out into the cold winter night.).

Yesterday I unwrapped a chocolate easter candy. I didn’t savour it, I just stuffed it into my mouth at once. Just like my son. (He didn’t see me doing it though, so I can still tell him to savour his sweets and not just inhale them.)

One morning last week I woke up at 5 am with my son squished up against me deeply asleep (well, for another 20 minutes or so). I snug out to do some yoga.

These moments of enjoyment that can be found in every day situations, they can make our day special, we can thrive on them. Let’s create more. Let’s share them with our loved ones. Let’s take a deep breath before we rush on to take care of the next thing on our list…

Life is beautiful.