Didn’t see that one coming…

Sunday morning. We started with a heart chakra meditation today. And I distinctively remember thinking to myself: oh no, I am going to get emotional. Well, little did I know how emotional…


Saturday afternoon. We were doing some spine loosening exercises that involved kicking one foot forward while swinging the arms overhead in the opposite direction. And I still can’t explain why this had me in stitches. I started out alright, then I began thinking about bad aerobics classes and fell out of sync. From there I could not stop giggling. My friend started laughing too, which didn’t help, of course.

Tonight I feel raw. Last week I thought things were starting to fall into place. Then this bout of homesickness, the signs were there, but it still hit me head on.

Going through this meditation, opening my arms wide, made me think of standing at the edge of the ocean. Dundarave, Qualicum or even better somewhere at the Pacific Rim.

I miss my friends. I miss the Ocean. My husband misses the mountains (not that he ever goes up, he said, but he still misses them being there.) And our son said the other day: Mama, we haven’t been to Canada in a long time! Yes, I know. Oh, don’t I know it….

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  1. Corinna sagt:

    Many years ago I met a lovely German lady on a flight from Vancouver to Duesseldorf. She was in her early seventies and had lived in Canada for over 40 years. i asked her whether she felt Canadian or German and she told me that the thing about moving to another country is that your heart will forever be living in two places, even after all these years. So as enriching as having two homes is for many of use who have chosen this route, it comes with the price of a lingering sadness and longing…and according to this lovely lady, that never goes away. Wir vermissen Euch!

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