What is Yoga for you?

Heading into my second yoga teacher weekend, we had some homework to do. Writing down our own definition of what yoga is for us. Obviously, there are tons out there, however, I was pondering yesterday, what yoga is for me.

I think I mentioned it before that I have been practicing on and off for 10 years and counting. I will go for stretches without, then my peace of mind goes, my „stinking thinking“ pops up and my back usually starts aching like crazy.

And then I step onto my mat and I wonder what took me so long. In that way, yoga is coming home for me.

It is also about restoring balance to my life, physically and mentally. It can be a refuge from the craziness, the daily rat race, the hamster wheel.

Yoga for me is compassion and honesty with myself and others.

Above all, and what amazes me every time I experience it, is that on any given day yoga will be what I need it to be. No matter if I already know what that is or not…

So, what is yoga for you?