Totally screwed up!

We had our housewarming today. And we finally celebrated our son’s birthday party. So the house was full with dressed-up pirates chasing each other with swords, cake crumbs on the floor, parents chatting, the radio doodling in the background, which no-one could hear over the noise…

Rewind Thursday night. Our long awaited book shelf arrived. Beautifuly pictured online. Looking solid and sturdy. Well designed, perfect for our living room. Fast forward three hours later. My husband and I brainstorming the hate review we were going to post on the website, where we bought said shelf. It was a pain to put the bloody thing together. It took us two evenings, a few thousand swear words and a lot of self-control not to put a big hole in it.

Yesterday and today our beautiful book shelf has earned much praise. It looks as sturdy and solid as on the pictures when we first saw it. Mind you, it probably helps that my husband had to screw it to the wall, because it wouldn’t stand up on its own. There is also no way we could ever take it apart again.

It makes me chuckle to think how we so often judge a book by his covers. What is not sturdy screwed to the wall…?