Every end has a new beginning…

Last weekend was my first yoga teacher training. In the morning we went through a ritual to celebrate the beginning of this journey. Writing down one habit in our life we could happily live without, burning it in the fire to let go of it. I hope it is not a spoiler if I tell mine was control, control over others to be exact.

At the breakfast table my husband and I had a short exchange about how I moan a lot at him and our son. And that, quite frankly, this nagging habit of mine is very frustrating.

First I was thinking about writing that down. However, in the light of being honest with myself, it really comes down to trying to control what and how others do things. I absolutely loath it, when others do that to me. Who knows what made me think that my family would like it more than me.

But there is more to this. It is also something I learnt growing up. And while I am aware of my behaviour, changing it is a different story.

However, that day, on my way home I decided to just enjoy the rest of the evening with my family. No matter if dinner was ready, the house a mess, etc. To not start doing, but just being there.

And it worked. I played hide and seek with my son. We were hanging out for a bit, because we hadn’t seen each other all day. And I was able to enjoy it. Every minute of it…

We shall see how I am doing tomorrow…

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