Foot prints on the sky

Footprints on the skyThe other day I walked past this tree and saw a pair of shoes dangeling up in the branches. For a moment, the shoes looked like someone had left footprints on the blue sky…

The thought of someone walking and possibly jumping across the sky, bouncing off the little white clouds, effortlessly, had something very uplifting for me. While gravity weighs us down physically, our minds keep us even tighter. We might be somewhat bound by our bodies, but what goes on in our heads ultimately determines what we believe we can do.

These days I am focusing again on keeping it simple. Doing the best I can at any given time. And considering that good enough. Being back at work, leaves me with a very limited amount of spare time, so using it mindfully becomes even more important.

These days I am focusing again on being present. While I love the thought of being able to walk across the sky, my mind is always out and about somewhere anyways. I need to be here in the moment. No matter what I do.

These days I am focusing again on fully enjoying what I have been given and trusting that as I give to the world, the world will give to me.