There is a first time for everything including a Bucket List

Tell me what is on your bucket list?I hope the way I slept into the New Year won’t be any indication about my energy level for the entire year… the festive season seemed to have taken it out of me. Even the fireworks and crackers outside didn’t wake me up. At least my little family slept very well with me…

With the New Year bucket lists pop up everywhere. I have never written one before but thought it would be fun anyway. Or maybe because some part of me still hopes that putting something on top of my wish list will get it done faster….

– Finally moving into our newly renovated apartment
– Creating my own yoga corner
– New Year’s Eve at a Yoga Retreat
– Become a Yoga Teacher (can you see some kind of pattern…?)
– Visit my friends in Tromso and Milano
– Complete my 100th blog post
– Learn more French
– Grow my own Kale

– This one is for my son: Visit Playmobil Fun Park
– This one is for my husband: Visit the Seelow Heights

And last but not least get back on the bone marrow registry (When I googled Bucket List to find an image, I came across Alice’s blog reminding me how precious life and health are.)

Happy New Year!