Merry Christmas everybody!

Merry Christmas!Much has been written about Christmas and it’s two sidekicks drama and happiness. What I find fascinating is, how one day provokes such a variety of reactions. For me, Christmas and its meaning has changed a lot over the years. My son loves the holiday season, the lights, the gifts, of course, everything is so bright and exciting for him. Every morning at 6:30 (or earlier) he pops up and announces very loudly: „Christmas calendar, I need to open my Christmas calendar.“ Now for 23 days straight. It drives us nuts of course, at least give us a Good Morning first, please.

But yesterday morning he gave me a cuddle as well, telling me how much he loves me, complete with hugs and kisses.

His excitement is so contagious. He pulls me along with him.

And now we can create our own holidays. Take something old, something new, something borrowed, something …. red. And here it is my wisdom…

If I can make it my own, be actively involved in designing whatever it is I want to create, I can be passionate about it. And that is contagious. Taking joy in the everyday, no matter if it is Christmas or the day after New Years.

Have a wonderful holiday!