I miss missing yoga

omUntil recently, I was thinking about yoga all the time. Somehow, this has been lost in the shuffle. And I miss it. I miss thinking about poses, when my back aches. I didn’t even make it to my classes last week. And I notice it. I feel lost. I am reacting. I start panicking about what is next. Things loom instead of being taken care off…

I went back to one of my regular classes this week. Still not fully present, but trying. And even after more or less 10 years that I have been practicing yoga it amazes me what yoga can do for me. And every time I have been away for a while, and I kneel down on the mat, bow my head to touch my third eye to the ground, I arrive. And I ask myself, why I did not get here sooner. I feel like I am home… Everything else flows from here.

I miss these moments, and I want more.

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