A different kind of diary

diaryI used to write a diary as teenager, I guess as many do. And actually I started using one again about eight years ago when I was going through some rough patches. But it was always just for me and I never shared it with anyone.

To me writing this blog feels like I am back to journaling, however, I like the publicity aspect. It makes me think more about what I write, makes it more of a conscious versus mindless scribble, while still keeping track of all the changes happening.

I read a comment from someone the other day about completing his or her 100th post and that it was a big deal. I thought wow, this could be me in about a year if I keep writing twice a week. And then I can go back, look back.

There were so many changes this year and more are coming up next year. I am looking forward to reflecting what is, could be and has been. In the light of living with more awareness, this aspect is something I appreciate a lot.

In February, I am also starting my yoga teacher training, another opportunity to write more about one of my favorite topics. With 2012 the year of huge upheaval coming to a close, next year should feel more settled. But then, not really. New home, new job, new people, with the geographical journey ending, this is just the beginning.

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  1. Maria sagt:

    Congratulations on your plans to begin yoga teacher training!

    1. Thanks Maria. It has been a long time coming. I am really looking forward to it.

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