Snow Snow Snow…. but how do I feel?

ImageIt has been snowing all day. I love it. Everything seems to turn into something more beautiful when covered in snow… Sunday we had our first snow ball fight. It was so much fun. My son once again pulled me out of my head, into the moment. Standing behind the house, sticking our tongues out to catch some snowflakes. He was making snow angels on the ground, declaring they looked like gingerbread figures.

There have been quite a few ups and downs over the last few months. With the winter fully present, I am yearning for some peace. I want to settle somewhere, sort of like the snowflakes settle. Just somewhere, the details are becoming less important every day. With the hustle and bustle of Christmas approaching, my son being all wired and hyped up from candy and looking forward to his presents (he has already chosen his Christmas gifts for the next 3 years!), my need for an actual home is turning urgent.

So, how do I feel? We are in the midst of renovating. Every day brings new delays, like all other renovations that have gone before us and will follow, nothing happens quite on time. I am looking for more patience. To hold out a little longer.

I was down by the river this morning. Today, the snow made everything look very peaceful and quiet. The water was slow moving and reflected everything like a mirror. Maybe I can mirror some of the peace inside, somehow. Taking a deep breath and moving along slowly. Going with the snow snow snow flow…