I got myself a job.

Finally. The job search is over. You would think that I would be full of joy and excitement. Well, truth is I am not. I am sort of working myself up to it. Everyone around me is pleased, saying things like that is a great Christmas present or such better news than the weather (really?) and we should celebrate and open a bottle of champagne, etc.

So how come I don’t feel like that?

Because it is not what I want to do. Also, because it not as well paid as I was hoping for. It means set hours and working for someone else.

I figured out a while ago that I want to teach yoga. But reality is we just moved. Not just neighborhoods or cities but continents. My husband is getting ready to launch his own business and I just signed up for my teacher training. I am simply not ready even though my mind (read: ego) believes otherwise.

Sometimes it takes a few more stepping stones to get to the good bits in life (sort of like labour to get to that baby….). So this seems to be one of my stepping stones on my yogi path.

Better go and join that party now…