Sometimes I just want to get hit by a bus

Well, not really. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my mind goes a little crazy. There are these days or weeks where nothing seems to fall into place. I am grating against life, well reality actually, and they are grating against me. And it feels like the only way to stop my mind going in circles is to get hit by something really hard. To get the black out, the blue screen, hit the reset button whatever you want to call it, and then reboot.

To finally come to a hold and listen. Because my life usually isn’t that hard or complicated. If I listen. And that is the problem. Right there.

Something or someone is trying to teach me a lesson. But for that I need to stop and listen. Take it in. Mull it over. There is something I am not getting. And if I just stop long enough, I could get on that bus and go for a ride instead of trying to hit the damn thing with my forehead…