A river runs through it…

The other day I woke up to the fog. All I could see outside the window was some mysterious red glow from the building opposite. After dropping  my son off at daycare I felt like going for a walk down at the river, imagining the silence when all sounds get muted by the fog. You know in a reflective sort of way.

Well, as life goes, I get to the park and it’s abuzz with city workers clearing away piles of leaves and litter. Leafblowers and trucks everywhere. No quietude at all.

I still had a walk around, not without amusement that is. Don’t we often have these ideas of how something should be/sound/appear? And then life happens.

The river wasn’t disturbed by the racket. I was. The river runs through it no matter what is going on at the banks. After getting over my expectations of how my time here was going to be like, I was able to enjoy it.

To keep focused on why we are here amidst the everyday noise. To me it is essential to surrender our expectations. To let the distractions slip away can create the most impressive outlooks…

Would you know how noisy it really was… ?