My biggest teacher

Becoming a parent felt like an overwhelming sense of responsibility to me. I used to be one of those teenagers who never wanted to get married, leave alone having kids. And then life happened. I met my husband, we got married, and well, we had a baby… what can I say, the deeply felt joy and horror at the same time.

Now, 5 years later, I have come to understand that while I will never be a perfect parent, at least I can strive for being an authentic one. As much as it bugs me when my son tells me off at times, I am also proud of him. We argue and  apologize, he tells me that he loves me and so do I. We love and cry together and cuddle… a lot. Some days we have profound discussions on our way to daycare. And on others we are just silly. I love his sense of humour and I try to respect his boundaries. I am getting better at sticking with my own boundaries, with other people too.

My son is my biggest teacher. He is showing me every day how to live in the moment, find joy in the small things and how to love unconditionally.

Myself and others.

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  1. I didnt look for this, but I enjoyed this, found it enlightening! Keep up the likable work!

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