Vegetarian in progress

I consider myself a vegetarian in progress. The reason being that I still eat fish. I now choose organic when possible and look for the sustainable fishing signs, but really, I feel guilty. For the longest time my excuse was the great sushi in Vancouver. And for the first little while here it was the hering in dill sauce I couldn’t pass on. But starting my son in daycare and trying to explain what kind of relationship we have with meat and what I want them to do or not do, was challenging for me.

I came across this beautifully illustrated children’s book the other day called Why we don’t eat animals by Ruby Roth. I was really excited and bought it, but now I am not sure I am ready for this… after reading it with me the other night my son was telling his Opa (and everyone else who listened) that he doesn’t eat meat because he loves animals. He also insisted taking the book to daycare today to show them why we don’t eat meat. I feel embarrassed. Am I really prepared to deal with the fall-out? Well, too late now, my son is on a mission.

So why the guilt and the embarrassment? Because I don’t want to draw attention to myself. I hate it when we are at someones house and the topic comes up – as it always does in a typical German household – that no, my son and I don’t eat meat. No, he doesn’t even eat fish. In Vancouver the reactions were positive. Maybe because Canadians tend to just be supportive, no matter what. Well, in Germany, people are usually at a loss what to do with us. General relief kicks in when they can bring out the cheese. Needless to say, I never mention that I would love to be vegan and my two favourite restaurants in Vancouver serve vegan raw food…

I have always loved food. They just happen to be vegetables.