Patience is a virtue…

And my patience is wearing thin these days. My husband and I are frustrated by our slow progress of settling in. We are frustrated because we feel the need to get back to work (never thought we would say that). We are also frustrated by our son’s temper trantrums (too much TV and sweeties being the culprits). And we are frustrated by having to renegotiate our relationships with family, being so much closer to home. So our days are full of sighs, outbursts, trying to control ourselves, each other, our son and others around us.


There are those days when we manage it all, the letting go, the sticking up for ourselves and for our boundaries, staying calm within the eye of the storm, so to speak. And then there are the days when we don’t, when we just feel overrun, in doubt, ignored and misunderstood.

But that passes too. And then we try again the next day…

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