Home practice?

Writing my first post made me think about ’not having a home practice‘. What I meant is that I rarely roll out my mat at home. Maybe sometimes, on these quiet Sunday mornings, when my son happens to sleep in and I manage to wake up early enough. Did I mention that almost never happens?

For some reason during the last 10 years, I always find an excuse (like living in a 730 sqft. apartment with a husband that works from home a lot and a bouncy 4 year old). There just doesn’t seem to be enough space.

But what I realized is that I do have a consistent practice. Slowly but surely the need for more balance off the mat has shaped how I look at my life and myself. The other limbs of yoga have greatly changed my thinking over the last few years.

Initially, I came to yoga to cure my back pain caused by sitting at a desk all day and too much stress in my life. Like many others I started my journey by attending to the symptoms before being able to develop enough body awareness to move inward and start dealing with the causes of my aches and pains.

Then I started changing how I eat, how I speak, act and what I strive for in my life. Raising my son vegetarian, not owning a car, making more consicous choices, are all my attempts at living more authentic.

It has been a slow process, very challenging sometimes. Always working on letting go, letting go of attachments to people, places and things. Striving for balance on my journey.