Where it all started…

So here I am, face down on my yoga mat in yoga-more, Charlottenburg. This is my first class in weeks. And I am so grateful to be here today. I find myself praying. Saying thanks for bringing me here. Feeling again how my yoga has been with me for such a long time… working away on me, changing me, inside out and outside in.

And that is the moment where I decided I wanted to start writing. It doesn’t matter yet, who will read it, but moreso I want a reminder of where I am heading. Because, truth is, I want to teach yoga, I have been thinking about this for a very long time. And at the same time about all the pros and cons as well. Like, does the world really need another yoga teacher. And how about my still non-existent home practice. And when and where and how to pay for it, etc. But yesterday, one of my best friends said, sometimes you just need to get started.

And that is where it all started… obviously it also started way before. But life itself is a neverending cycle, so this will do as my beginning.

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